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Systems thinking is a skill/focus that can and should be learned. One
needs the willingness to understand the concepts and apply them.... Many
things such as short-term thinking, organizational barriers to effective
communication across traditional boundaries, lack of information about
basic business drivers, etc. hold back systems thinking. It is not so
much the *inclination* that inhibits systems thinking but knowing where
and how to begin.

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> In a message dated 99-11-11 21:41:49 EST, writes:
> >Is anyone aware of an instrument that has been developed to identify
> >individuals who are inclined to be system thinkers?
> Richard,
> There are many different understandings of what systems thinking is.
> There are any number of commercial test makers/sellers who will claim that
> they measure this attribute, however they define it.
> Another way to approach this question would be to assess current
> associates who possess the "systems thinking" attributes you want to
> duplicate and identify them as the criterion group. In essence, you're
> creating your own unique operational definition, based on concurrent
> utility in your group. Using serveral cognitive/mental abilities and
> cognitive mode personality assessments, you could determine which
> dimensions in your criterion group have the least variance within the
> group. Of course, in order to avoid the prospect of capitalizing on
> chance, a cross-validation study would be wise. You may find that you're
> looking for something a little more complex than a systems thinker.


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