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Gijs Houtzagers (G.Houtzagers@inter.nl.net)
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 10:37:13 +0100

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Hi Don,

In my opinion there are several crucial instruments for employee
retention. In the company I am working as a HR director a.i. we developed
a strategy to invest in the development of new hires. We select candidates
for the position of software developer and accept also those who lack
experience and knowledge. We pay for an external course and after that
they are provided with an internal program and coaching. I also offer them
a labor contract .During the external course the trainees join meetings
here in the office and I have evaluations with them every 14 days. This
way the new hires get the feeling the organization cares for them and
wants to invest in them without restraints like a labor contract for a
limited period.

Next to this all employees are offered cafeteria benefits.

We have also defined an extensive career development program.

But most of all the culture of the company is people minded. This shows
for instance in the administrative processes concerning new hires. When
they come to the office they have a place to work, tools to work with. The
collques are aware that they are coming and there is an intensive
introduction program. Employees tend to feel themselves at home here and
till this moment we nearly have no drop outs.

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