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Ragnar --

Doc, as usual, has already written cogently in response in LO 23184, but
I'd like to add a few thoughts. You wrote

>Have you got experience or know literature about introducing and
>integration of Newbies? IMO many manuals talk about security, rights and
>working-time but forget the importance of this job for the learning

I've had responsibility in several different organizations for both formal
and informal ways to integrate new folks. To me, it's crucial to invite
them to consider the relationship between their own values, which they
bring to the organization, and those into which they're being received,
both explicit and implicit. They need the chance to test whether their
own core beliefs and commitments will find resonance, and in addition,
whether there is room in the organization for their values to have an
impact. This is very much where 'Personal Mastery' and 'Shared Vision'
intersect, and I've found no better guide than The Fifth Discipline
Fieldbook as a source of practical ways to bring this about.

>Do you think that the culture of a company should be experienced or
>explicit explained?

To me, this isn't an 'either-or': it must be both. If possible, the
explanation should carry with it an explicit experiencial component (as
some other respondents to your message suggested); and the experience
carry with it opportunities for reflection and "de briefing".

Let us know how it goes for you.

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