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Fri, 19 Nov 1999 13:24:28 -0000

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John comment:

> But I am continually struck by the dominance of "the organization" in
> our discussions.

Perhaps, it is because the organisations, that human beings have created,
cause human beings so much pain and discomfort. The pain being so great
that we cannot think, let alone talk, of the pleasanter aspects of our
daily working lives. It reminds me of a consultant friend who came back
from an evening business meeting and was focused on a conversation with an
unpleasant predatory consulting manager rather than the new network
connections she had made.

John asked:

>And if we do, what is our complicity in furthering the organizational
>agenda? As change agents do we have a greater obligation to move human
>beings to the center? To deconstruct the current mainstream view of the
>organization? ... ... ...

I think we should be asking questions about who benefits from change.
There is certainly an academic view in the UK, which I agree with, that
technology changes, TQM, BPR, etc are just concentrating the control,
power, monetrary and status benefits in the hands of a small minority.

As change agents, are we just hired mercenaries of the powerful barons or
are we missionaries of a new world order? If we are missionaries, what
space have we reserved for human beings in our new world order?

Roy Benford
Fulmer, UK


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