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Learning-org was a moderated public dialogue, by e-mail and the web, operating from 1994 to 2004, hosted by Richard Karash. With many contributors from around the English speaking world, up to two thousand subscribers, and as many as 400 contributions per months, this was the most visible dialogue about Organizational Learning. The active exchange ended in Nov 2004; this web site contains the archives of the learning-org dialogue.

Special note for past contributors: Although this site is intended as a permanent archive of the learning-org dialogue, from time to time contributors have asked me to remove an out-of-date item. Just write me if you have such a need.

My thanks to all the contributors and subscribers who made this a valuable dialogue. As of 2004, no further msgs or replies.

Richard Karash, your host for Learning-org, Fall 2004

Contains archives of the Learning-org mailing list.
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