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From: Richard Karash (Richard@karash.com)
Date: 01/06/00

Well... There's a y2k glitch in the software I use to create the LO web
pages. This is disappointing... Planes are flying, banks are solvent,
electricity flows, but the LO web pages are stopped! Ugh.

So, I'll have to roll up my sleeves and try to be a C programmer again.
Have patience for the web pages until I am able to complete this task.

And, because we have to consider infrastructure changes for the LO msg
distribution process, does anyone have any suggestions for things they
would like to see in the LO web site? Any suggestions for software that
would do this?

I presently use hypermail to create the cross-linked web pages for msgs
and replies. I would like to have a local search facility, but at present
I rely on the public search engines to index our material.

My overall design is:
  - plain text email for the main distribution (for maximum reach)
  - list management with majordomo
  - digest version for those who prefer (60%)
  - hypermail creates web pages daily from our unix archive file (a
couple hundred people read on the web)
  - public search engines index our material

What would you like to see? What software would create it?

   -=- Rick


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