LO Infrastructure, Web Pages LO23748

From: Terry Priebe (insight@de-sa.com)
Date: 01/11/00

Replying to LO23728 --


Besides having the ability to include graphics or attachments, one thing
that would be helpful is to provide a link directly to the reference LO
contribution - so, if you wanted, you could easily review what the prior
author had written.

Another would be to add the link pointing to the LO Archives at the end of
each digest. I have it in "Favorites", myself, but others may not.

Best Regards,

Terry Priebe

[Host's Note: Thanks, Terry for the comments. Are you saying that the
email distribution include a link to where the msg will reside in the
archive? Hmmm... I'll look at that. ..Rick]


"Terry Priebe" <insight@de-sa.com>

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