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From: Jodi Smith (jmsmith00@hotmail.com)
Date: 01/07/00

Replying to LO23726 --

Thankyou for such a lovely and inspiring message At. I couldn't agree
more, i've only been on this planet 25 yrs, working 5 years and i've
continued to learn what i think is helpful to show society the importance
of the natural environment and all living things. I've changed careers
several times to further this goal, i started out as an environmental
health officer, enforcing the laws, then started a specialised education
program with industry to reduce pollution, i realised working with the
2000 businesses in my local govt area that our traditional education
programs- where we simply provide brochures and case studies are not
enough, they only achieve minimal success.

In trying to work out how to improve them i started a PhD and stumbled
across systems thinking and system dynamics. I also moved into the
business field as a corporate and strategic planner assuming that if i
learn more about 'their' world i could design more useful programs for
them. I realised that greenies (mostly) don't address the real issues for
industry and that until we do, and until our education programs
incorporate change management and learning organisation concepts little
will be achieved. It is too hard for most businesses to change, they don't
know how to deal with all the issues, and when you look at it from a
systemic point of view it is almost amazing that we ever assumed simple
education would obtain the improvements sought. What is sadder is that
generally govts just do these programs over and over again, spending more
money and then wondering why business hasn't changed, why society hasn't
become sustainable.

Learning organisation concepts and helping people to understand systems
has amasing potential and i am proud to be involved in using it to help us
move towards more caring and sustainable work places and societies.
Thankyou for your message.

Cheers and best wishes


"Jodi Smith" <jmsmith00@hotmail.com>

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