LO Presentation LO23731

From: Gijs Houtzagers (G.Houtzagers@inter.nl.net)
Date: 01/07/00

Replying to LO23725 --

responding to Tanya Meyer,

Dear Tanya,

An article of concerning the infrastructure of knowledgemanagement has
been published by HRONLINE (www.hronline.com)

Kind regards,

Gijs Houtzagers
Principal business consultant HRMIS and employee benefit systems
Ward Cambell International
Steenovenweg 3
5708 HN Helmond
The Netherlands
Tel. 31 492 523 000
Fax 31 492 598 299
E-mail g.houtzagers@wardcambell.com

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Gijs Houtzagers <G.Houtzagers@inter.nl.net>

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