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From: John Gunkler (
Date: 01/13/00

Replying to LO23683 --

I'm learning about perspectives on KM and OL from this discussion and even
though this thread has continued for quite a while I believe it is still
generating useful learning.

I still have a bit of a negative reaction to the KM folks, however, that
can (I think) be summed up this way:

Arnold Kransdorff writes:
>Knowledge Management is the process of collecting and disseminating
>know-how and experiences within an organisation to enable the process of
>Organisational Learning, or Experiential Learning, to take place.

I would only like to see enough humility in KM'ers to change that to say,
"KM is ONE way of collecting and ...."

You see, there are other ways of accomplishing organizational learning.
For example, learning can be acquired via the evolution of the structure
of organizational processes (where "structure" is to be interpreted as
"feedback structure" or "dynamic structure" -- in the system dynamics
sense.) Unless the organization captures "knowledge" of this structure in
a dynamic model (which few do, and which even fewer KM descriptions even
contemplate doing), this learning falls outside the purview of KM efforts.

John W. Gunkler


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