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Date: 01/13/00

Replying to LO23762 --

John Gunkler writes:

>Arnold Kransdorff writes:
>>Knowledge Management is the process of collecting and disseminating
>>know-how and experiences within an organisation to enable the process of
>>Organisational Learning, or Experiential Learning, to take place.
>I would only like to see enough humility in KM'ers to change that to say,
>"KM is ONE way of collecting and ...."

I think the proper statement is "The process of collecting and .... is
one way that KM enables organizational learning". Arnold's definition
does not cover explicit efforts at knowledge creation, which I believe is
part of knowledge management.

>You see, there are other ways of accomplishing organizational learning.
>For example, learning can be acquired via the evolution of the structure
>of organizational processes (where "structure" is to be interpreted as
>"feedback structure" or "dynamic structure" -- in the system dynamics
>sense.) Unless the organization captures "knowledge" of this structure in
>a dynamic model (which few do, and which even fewer KM descriptions even
>contemplate doing), this learning falls outside the purview of KM efforts.

This depends on the definition of KM. Also, I'm curious as to what this
dynamic model would look like - a description would be appreciated.


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