How does our theory become practice? LO23803

From: Steve Eskow (
Date: 01/20/00

Replying to LO23785 --


In LO23785 you quote me, and repeat pieces of my discussions on what is
and isn't appropriate behavior here.

I give you and the others here who might be interested this problem: a
learning problem, a problem in democratic collaboration.

I do not know how to respond to the deeper issues you raise in any style
of dialog and discussion with which I am familiar, with which I am

For example: your message is long and intricate, and seems to be saying
that in order to deal with my question of the relation of theory to
practice one must know and accept the entire curriculum of which "entropy
production" is a piece. Is that so?

I cannot engage with you because I do not know how to do so within the
framework of the rules of discourse here.

So: I will content myself with pointing out the implications for me of
your using the metaphor of a ship and its captain--Rick as "skipper"--to
capture the essence of this LO.

As you know, At, a ship is not organized as a democratic collaborative,
but as a hierarchical and authoritarian organization.

The skipper of ship is more like a ruler, a king, than he is a democratic
moderator of a learning organization.

Do you think such an image is an appropriate metaphor for a learning

Best wishes.

Steve Eskow


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