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From: Winfried Deijmann (
Date: 01/23/00

Dear LO-listmembers

Through private email correspondence I have recently had some requests for
more explanation on the use of my movement exercises in the context of
Systems Thinking and System Dynamics.

On the following link <> you can
find an exercise "for free" for those of you who are searching for new
approaches and improvement in Systems Thinking. The exercise on this page
explores the ins and outs of the lemniscate. I use this exercise and
similar exercises in my consultancy praxis in Holland/Europe, but have
never taught them without being 'on site' myself. Consider this a
Distance Learning try out and you are the guinea pigs :-)

I appreciate all kinds of feed back - especially from those of you who will
actually step through the exercise.
If you have any reasons for not trying the exercise I will welcome those
comments as well. I want to learn.

Apologizes for cross postings. I have send the same request to the System
Dynamics Mailinglist.

greetings from snowy Holland,

Winfried Deijmann

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