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From: Winfried Deijmann (deijmann@dialoog.net)
Date: 01/22/00

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Bruno wrote in: Rhythm in Communication LO23781
> .....while beginners exercise their inspiration to come up with a good
> metaphor, it seems experienced writers would come up with a metaphor to simply
> describe an inspired image.

> When I said this, and asked my master what he thought, he put his head
> between his hands and said:
> "I don't know. I don't know anything anymore. Aikido doesn't make sense to
> me anymore. I've learned nothing."
> This struck me! I thought he was brilliant! He was studying Aikido for
> twenty-five years and still he would let himself be disturbed by dumb
> yellow-belter with clever ideas.


> The discussion on rhythm has lead me towards new and innovative ideas. One
> immense field I have been discovering is (can you guess?) Entropy
> Production. It seems to me that as Entropy Production studies the movement
> in the universe, rhythm is very closely related to it. Several people have
> alerted me to this fact, not that I needed to be alerted: the concept was
> an immediate shock to me. But still, I feel very far from understanding
> it.
> Again, I cry for help. Can anybody please explain to me how the seven
> essencialities work???

Dear Bruno,

The problem with At's seven essentials is the fact that they only EXPLAIN
the seven essentials. At's message is: "Experience them".

Permit me to be a stern teacher for a moment please.

The understanding you are seeking can not be found in more explanation on
the topic. Your Aikido master gave you a message: "When I do Aikido I
EXPERIENCE Aikido and I am at the very heart of it. When I talk about it I
am "on my own", meaning: disconnected from the source." Your teacher is
an excellent master and he is right: He doesn't know anything anymore,
because it has all become an integrated part of him. When he is doing
Aikido he IS Aikido; just look at the beauty of his movements and it is
all there. His theory has become embodied practice. All talking about it
is only disturbing. That is what I think he meant. The next time when you
walk an Aikido sequence forget the techniques you have learned and the
mental pictures in your head. Trust your body, arms and legs, because then
they will move you, instead of you moving them.

> This last weeks I have been here with you discussing in this lovely space,
> I've learned many things. But I suddenly feel like I don't know a thing!

Great! In such a state lies a hidden Golden Opportunity: The next time
you write: WRITE! Let your hand decide what to write.


Winfried Deijmann

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