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Date: 01/25/00

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Jim Vaillancourt wrote....

>I have often wondered if my mental models allow me to see and agree with a
>certain theory which I then can put into practice, or a framework/theory
>changes my mental models which allows me to put it into practice. So is
>it theory=>mental model=>practice or mental model=>accepted

My twist on this thread....

To me, theory and practice are inseparable.... as pairs of one whole.
Just like becoming and being are in constant "alternating flux", theory
and practice are "two sides of the same coin".

All theories are nothing more than an attempt to "map" reality. Since
mankind can only hope to understand an extremely limited fraction of
reality (reality viewed from all perspectives simultaneously) and reality
is indeed constantly flowing and "emerging", one must be constantly in a
process of learning to change their theories.

The stable & gradual process looks like... THEORY >> Change of MENTAL
MODEL >> Allow new information through modified filter fitting new model
>> test in world as PRACTICE >> revise THEORY >> Change of MENTAL MODEL.
This occurs in all of us either subconsciously (single loop learning) or
consciously (double loop learning).

Although this process yields change, it is only the "steady state" portion
in a "stable domain". When enough new information is allowed in to
challenge our MENTAL MODELs completely, we can get to a high energy region
(call it edge of chaos, bifurification point or life crisis) which enables
a jump or "Quantum leap" in our thinking. It isn't merely adding to the
old model... it's adapting a COMPLETELY NEW ONE.

T. S. Kuhn published his landmark "The Structure of Scientific
Revolutions" in 1962 with his notion of paradigm shifts. It is now
obvious that he intuited the next revolution in science.... Complexity
science. Read his book again with some exposure to this science and you
will write all over the margins. AHa,, AHa you will say.

Small change >> small growth >> energy build up >> AVALANCHE >> Lower
energy state >> Small change >> more growth >> energy build up >>

Look into nature, and you will see this pattern abound.

THEORY >> SMALL Change of MENTAL MODEL >> Allow new information through
modified filter fitting new model >> test in world as PRACTICE >> SMALL
revision to THEORY with build up of tension >> Throw out old MENTAL MODEL

To sum up... If you want to change reality.. change the nature of your

take care,
Chuck Wallace


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