How does our theory become practice? LO23818

From: Jim Vaillancourt (
Date: 01/24/00

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Sarah Fraser wrote in LO23798

>And then I have another train of thought that queries why we including
>myself here) have this hang up about theory into practice - as though
>theory and practice are two things, a linenear relationships, and then a
>sort of one way flow. Something here about mental models?

I've struggled with the journey between mental models, theory/frameworks,
and practice. God, for reasons not readily apparent, gave me the gift to
see the world and develop fraweworks to explain it. I'm the guy sitting
in meetings who will suddenly get up to the dry eraser board and draw out
the problem/situation/flow diagram etc that describes the last 50 minutes
of conversation.

I have often wondered if my mental models allow me to see and agree with a
certain theory which I then can put into practice, or a framework/theory
changes my mental models which allows me to put it into practice. So is
it theory=>mental model=>practice or mental model=>accepted

Jim Vaillancourt


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