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From: Eugene Taurman (
Date: 01/29/00

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You boss has given you an assignment of true merit. Self perception of
what I believe my job to be is gigantic in determining the culture of an

An example. One of my clients had a committee through which requests for
expenditures had to be approved. The members felt it was their role to
keep the rest of the organization form making mistakes and to keep them
from spending on bad ideas.

Another had a similar committee but their assigned role and consequently
the self perception was to help people justify every possible project. So
when requests were submitted that could not be approved the committee
members went out and helped the people submitting the request justify it.
The result was an organization with a sustained improvement rate of 1.3%
per month.

When an organization is controlled by those who think their job is to keep
others from making mistakes the result is stagnation and poor attitude and

Knowing what self image an organization teaches its' people to have is
vital to leading the improvement.


Eugene Taurman

>My immediate superior assigned me to undertake a study on: Role
>Perception of one department against another department and Vice-Versa.


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