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Date: 01/29/00

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Sarah Fraser Asked,

>Is anyone using systems dynamics modeling specifically as a learning

All modeling is a learning tool. I have used modeling in two different

The first was a modeling toll called "The Manufacturing Game" which was
very effective at allowing a manufacturing organization in seeing the
relationship between Opewrations/maintenance relationships and how to
improve plant reliability. This took the form of a board game which
allowed plant time and space to be compressed so interconnections and
interdependencies could be rediscovered. Check out their web site
( .

The second modeling toll I use is "ithink" software by High Performance
Systems. The actual process of building the model forces discipline to
see "How things really work". It takes a lot of work to get proficient,
but with time the tool actually gives you another language to think in.
Check out their web site (

take care,
Chuck Wallace


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