Rhythm in Communication LO23903

From: Arnold Wytenburg (arnold@originalthinking.com)
Date: 02/05/00

Replying to LO23891 --


In reading your dicussion on whether or not a photograph demonstrates
rhythm, I cannot help but make a mental reference to Marshall McLuhan's
studies of the relationship between media and content. McLuhan's 'tetrad'
and the four related questions which act to bring understandable shape to
the dynamics of a given media/message relationship may be highly suited to
the line of inquiry you are pursuing. If you aren't familiar with
McLuhan's thinking, I can suggest a book which provides a rather quickly
accessible statement of the pertinent theory as well its practical
application. The book is 'Electric Language' by Eric McLuhan (Marshall's
son). I believe it was published by Stoddard Books of Toronto in 1998 but
I can't be certain just now. Eric shares with his readers an insight into
the suprisingly practical aspects of his father's thinking that I'm sure
you will find both enjoyable to read and powerful in its use.

Cheers, Arnold


"Arnold Wytenburg" <arnold@originalthinking.com>

[Host's note; In assoc with Amazon.com, this link:

Electric Language : Understanding the Message by Eric McLuhan http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0312190883/learningorg


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