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From: Winfried Deijmann (deijmann@dialoog.net)
Date: 02/11/00

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Rhythm in Communication
Datum: vri, 11 feb 2000 10:45

Hi Marvin,

Your reply triggered me.

I am convinced that walking rhythms has an effect on brainpatterns, but
never had the means to 'prove' it.

Is there more specific research information you can give me?

Does the research you mention really show change in rhythmical patterns or
does it show a more static musicbeat like type of change? In my opinion
the concept of rhythm is 'the changing dynamic flow between two points
(poles)'. The poles can change position, but the dynamic flow between
them can also be faster or slower. Measuring a frequency doesn't tell
anything about the flow dynamics, only about the distance between two

Has there ever been done research on the relation between rhythmical
movements (clapping anapest' dactyls, jambs, etc. with hands or walking
them with feet) and the brainpatterns they cause? Has research been done
on how conscious controlled movements effect certain parts of the brain?
If so, where in the brain do they appear?

In my earlier years as a eurythmy-teacher/therapist I used a lot of
rhythmical movement exercises, with excellent effects. Today as a
consultant I use movement exercises in System Dynamics and as metaphor for
otherwise invisible abstract processes. I walk the talk so to speak. If
you want to know more about eurythmy - as an art- and its applications in
education and therapy visit this website: http://www.eurythmy.org. In
Holland we have the Downing Institute in Rotterdam of Prof. Dr. Marco De
Vries. This institute does research on the influence of human will in the
healing-process. Do you know this institute?

Thanks for your valuable information.

Winfried Deijmann

> As an extremely infrequent contributor I'd like to add a small not to this
> topic as I've only read a part of the discussion on rhythm in
> communication. My clinical and research activity over the last 5 years has
> been in the area of EEG biofeedback.


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