Origin of Systems Thinking LO23970

From: Sally Anderson (sallyand@micron.net)
Date: 02/10/00

Replying to LO23925 --

I bought an audio tape from Pegasus Communications by Russell Ackoff " From
Mechanistic to Social Systemic Thinking" . He does a great job in tracing
it back from the Renaissance and references several sources of knowledge

>I am doing research for a book on Conscious Transformation for Leaders and
>OD Consultants. I am trying to find information on the origination of
>"Systems Thinking", who is it first credited to and when. Any help /
>direction would be greatly appreciated!

[Host's Note: I checked on this audiotape. It is still available from
Pegasus Communications, but in an oversight, it is not listed on their web
site. Order item code #V9303. The web site is http://www.pegasuscom.com ,
but until they update their web site, you may have to order by phone at
781-398-9700. --Rick]


"Sally Anderson" <sallyand@micron.net>

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