Rhythm in Communication LO23990

From: Nick Heap (nickheap@tesco.net)
Date: 02/17/00

Replying to LO23974 --

Dear Bill,

Bill you talked about the value of "Walking out problems". I think this
may be another example about how having a balance of attention between
concentrating on a problem and being aware of present and positive reality
helps people think.

For example.

Do you think more clearly and creatively when

Talking to a friend who is interested in your thoughts
In a comfortable and attactive room with your interesting things in it
There is some gentle music playing
Looking out of a window and the sun is shining
In a conversation with other people who value you
Being aware that someone soon will read your post and maybe find it

How this works is another question.

>> I am convinced that walking rhythms has an effect on brainpatterns, but
>> never had the means to 'prove' it.

>I have no research, but I recall hearing that there is a Philosophenweg
>(Philosophers' Way) in Heidelberg, where philosophers would walk and
>think. I've noticed I sometimes get (and succumb to) the urge to walk out


"Nick Heap" <nickheap@tesco.net>

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