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From: Bontis, Nick (
Date: 02/16/00


Please e-mail Prof Choo if you are interested:

Professor Choo (author of The Knowing Organization) and myself are
working with Oxford University Press (New York) on an exciting
project to produce a book, "The Strategic Management of Intellectual
Capital and Organizational Knowledge: A Collection of Readings."

The objective of the book is to bring together a balanced selection
of core readings that articulate a knowledge-based view of strategy

There already exists a wealth of books in the market on a variety of
knowledge-based topics from a managerial perspective. However, we believe
that there does not exist a strong collection of readings from an academic
perspective. We are positioning this book primarily as an academic text to
serve the growing numbers of university-level, knowledge management and
organizational learning programs/courses that are being developed.

Naturally, the book will also service a professional clientele that is
interested in more rigorous conceptualizations and empirical research. It
is our hope that the dual market focus we intend to target will make this
book a leading source. The book is organized in six sections:

Introduction and Overview;
Knowledge in Organizations;
Intellectual Capital;
Knowledge-based Theory of the Firm;
Knowledge Strategy;
Organizational Learning.

We see three basic questions threading the discourse:

How is organizational knowledge and intellectual capital created?
How can the accumulation and flow of knowledge and intellectual
capital be managed for competitive advantage?
What conceptual principles and action levers constitute a
knowledge-based strategy of the firm?

In planning the book, we carefully surveyed the literature, and
identified a community of researchers whom we feel have made
significant contributions. We are inviting you to take part in the
project by producing a chapter for the book. Your contribution is
very important to the project, and we would like to propose a number
of ways for you to participate:

(1) Produce an original chapter for the book (approximately 8,000 words);

(2) Contribute an expanded, updated, or different version of an
existing or already published paper; or

(3) Recommend a published paper for inclusion in the book, accompanied
by an update or commentary that augments the discussion.

(If you have other suggestions, do let us know.)

Please let us know your interest in participating in the project by
March 1, 2000.

The deadline for all contributions is June 1, 2000.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone. We are
maintaining a website to support this project at :

The site will be updated regularly as the project progresses, and will
indicate the names of contributors we have invited, their responses, and
the status of their contributions.

We look forward very much to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Nick Bontis, PhD
Director, Institute for Intellectual Capital Research
Assistant Professor, Strategic Management
Michael G. DeGroote School of Business
McMaster University
Tel: (905) 525-9140 x23918
Fax: (905) 521-8995

Chun Wei Choo, PhD
Associate Professor
Faculty of Information Studies
University of Toronto
Tel: (416) 978 5266
Fax: (416) 971 1399


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