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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 02/18/00

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Hi Andrew and others,

I couldn't resist an addition to this post, as just today i spoke with a
colleague about change and organizing and the way we perceive realities
and happiness and all that; and we concluded that lack of "joi d'vivre"
was probably the most important symptom of problems in organizing.

To us it seemed that many people in organisations haven't learned or have
forgotten or were discouraged to enjoy (use en-joy as in "en-act":
creating joy) living. In some ways, many people seem to us to strive for
unhappiness, a state perfectly easy to obtain. And when they are unhappy,
at that point, they do not enjoy being unhappy.

We supposed this can be partially attributed to the notion that people
seem to be only partially included in their organisations (i've chanded
organizing - the word i prefer - into organisation, because reiffication
seems to be part of the process) and work: like you are not at the same
time a son/daughter, a father/mother, a teammember, an employee, a worker,
a friend, a lover, an enemy etectera. Because we for some reasons decided
to "split" into several roles according to the situations, the joi d'vivre
dissappears. Perhaps we've learned that it is more efficient and effective
to split up, but haven't been told that this comes at a price: less
creativity and less hapiness.

For musicians, what i learn from your anecdote, this is impossible: they
can only exist as a complete person, whether they play, they run, laugh.
Perhaps they've missed a schoolclass or someting in being unhappy ;-D.

Thanks for the thoughts,

Jan Lelie wrote:

> There are not many days when I do not drive past the Jacqueline du Pre music
> buildings in Oxford. ....

> Jacqueline was bouncing down a hallway at speed of light ~~~~~~~~~~~~ with
> her cello in loving tow and laughing, as she always was, not just her
> beautiful face but her entire body, you understand? A tutor remarked as she
> flew past... ' -Must have been a great tutorial Jacqueline?'
> 'Oh yes, it WILL be!"


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