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From: Judy Tal (
Date: 02/22/00

Replying to LO24000 --

Hi Andrew, Jan and All,

It pleases me to find such a subject as JOI DE VIVRE after a long break i
had to take from reading this list. Right you are both - there is
certainly a great lack of joy in the workingplaces (what do you think
about this terminology, Jan?). i also agree that in a large scale,
'leaving part of oneself out of the workingplace' is the main cause of
this situation.

What i suggest is to look for fuzzy solutions - to give up the old
believes that emotions should be avoided, neglected or supressed and at
the same time to create motivation to produce. Paradise, isn't it?

Practically it is - to prioritize the emotional well-being of the people
in the workingplace (including clients and outsources). There is lot to
be done in this direction,

Judy Tal

>I couldn't resist an addition to this post, as just today i spoke with a
>colleague about change and organizing and the way we perceive realities
>and happiness and all that; and we concluded that lack of "joi d'vivre"
>was probably the most important symptom of problems in organizing.


Judy Tal <>

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