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From: Neilson, Robert (Bob) (Neilson@NDU.EDU)
Date: 02/22/00

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A couple of citations for dance metaphors:

"Collaborative Technologies and Organizational Learning" by Robert E
Neilson (Chapt. 6)

"The Dance of Qualitatitive Research Design" by V. Janesik in Handbook of
Qualitative Research by Denzin and Lincoln (eds.)

"The Death and Life of Great American Cities" by Jane Jacops

"The Dance of Legislation" by Eric Redman

Robert E. Neilson
202 685-3895
202 685-3974

>Does anyone know of a book or other source which uses a dance metaphor to
>describe relationships among team members in organizations?


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Collaborative Technologies and Organizational Learning (Series in Information Technology Management) by Robert E. Neilson

Handbook of Qualitative Research by Norman K. Denzin (Editor), Yvonna S. Lincoln (Editor)


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