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From: Debbie Roth (
Date: 02/23/00

Replying to LO24015 --

Pardon me, please, for my extended absence of participation here, despite
my appreciation of so much I receive. The comments, with which I agree,
elicited the following additional possibilities re the query:

Re resistance:

1. (Don't trust the management/origination of the concept) You have
introduced this perspective but you have not fully incorporated it in our
agreements, modus operandi, goals, measurements so I don't have adequate
basis for assessment of what to do, etc. How do I know you understand what
you're doing, that it carries beyond your level, tenure ... ? There may be
some needs which need to be addressed before introducing organizational
learning to avoid implementation imperfection [disaster]...

I think managers need to learn a lot to approach this -

2. (Explanation failure/assumption of personal attack) "But of course I'm
always learning !!!" What to do differently? Why do you think I'm not
interested or committed - or an idiot?

3. (Huh?) What is the payoff - to me and to the organization; how do I
know it's working?
Rick - you voiced all of this implicitly, imho. I hope I'm not simply

But if we look at the downside we may learn how to work for the opposite.
For example, I think many companies have worked to satisfy the Baldrige
quality award requirements for the award's sake, while inadvertently
sinking the ship. Adding a learning dictum without building the capability
to use and improve it is not wise, I think, and indicates there are risks,
in execution, timing, organizational reality, and more.

Please forgive me if I reiterate my belief that the rapidity and
pervasiveness of change worldwide mean even the best (now) cannot afford
to fail to learn. Then the questions are what and how, and how it can best
be organizational.

Regards to all, Debbie Roth

[Host's Note: Debbie, good to hear from you! ..Rick]


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