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Date: 02/23/00

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Dear Learners,

Lao Tzu offers harmony when he says,

' He who knows does not speak,
He who speaks does not know.'

best then to learn?

We can all freely access forms of learning via television and it seems in
the UK currently the 'media' of t.v. and Internet are about to form a new
synthetic creation in an enhanced 'virtual' world. It remains to be seen
what effects this has in the 'real' world.

The BBC holds high reputation worldwide, 'high brow' broadcasting is very
much a speciality within the BBC. I think BBC web sites get more 'hits'
than any other in the UK does. Since nearly all of them are devoted to
differing forms of 'open access learning' it speaks volumes of the desire
of people to learn both effectively and efficiently, formally and
informally. As I mentioned in a previous posting, the Open University uses
and broadcasts lectures as programmes via the channels of the BBC both by
radio and television. A positive symbiosis?

Fore/give me for a moment now as I explicate an implicate that is never

'Preparation' is an important facet of any 'becoming'. At', will you tell
us if I am wrong about that!

I wonder if you heard on the BBC Radio the other day or read in the papers
that Mozart was inspired to write a piece of music to 'mark' the death of
his pet Starling? The little 'tweeter' sang 'two fold' songs?

'Implicate and explicate'.

What precedes 'becoming'?


Well, I happen to think it might be useful to know.

Imagine that I am looking at a picture on the wall of a gallery. It has
'next to nothing' on/in it, nearly all empty space, nothing anyway that
makes any sense to me as a very normal chap. What shall I do? Obviously,
let it alone, move on to another that one hopes does give me a bit more
pleasure or whatever it is pictures are supposed to provide me with. But
hold on. What if I remain a bit longer, hook a 'desire' to the object
before me and 'listen up' a while longer?

Have you ever noticed how when watching television, even a small one at a
distance you very soon seem to 'get sucked into' it?

It is as if your whole 'attending' seems to get sucked in; first the eyes,
then ears and then the imagination, and before you know it those 'pixels'
and waves of sound and light have 'JOINED ' in on your experience of them
and it is almost as if apprehending subject and object are in some form of
symbiotic relationship. Dancing patterns partnered now to pixelations,
atomic non-entities are consoling you, agitating you, informing and
reducing you to tears, evoking responses, muscle actions, laughter. Mmm.

Maybe there is an 'implicate' force at work here. Pre-existent implicate
called fleetingly, 'desire'?

Like a tweeting bird upon the gust of an increasing wind.

Help me! Are not our earthly winds controlled in large measure by the
cosmic winds of the Sun and the greater flows of cosmos around that? And
might wind not conjoined cosmically become 'sight and sound'?

Of the Sun the Hindus can teach us this, ' - the sun is sound, therefore
they say of the sun, He proceeds 'resounding'; so the humming of the
world's wheeling is the music of the spheres.' The word 'Svar' I think
means to 'shine', 'Surya' means 'sun' and 'svr' to 'sound' all three
having a common root in language. And so in English language 'common
sense', 'common wisdom', 'common language' we still say, 'bright' ideas
and 'brilliant' sayings.

Birdsong. 'Bird what do you sing of?'

'Tweet, tweet, tweet.'

Ah, I now see your sound clearly!

He speaks!

A metanoiaic moment.

'I sing my name, but my 'natural' name, my archetypal name, my implicate
constituting complex 'name of names', of such subtle energies that they
are far off from your conscious differentiating 'naming'. My song is
'prior' to your 'hearing' both in its becoming and being, so do not think
you hear 'my' song, you hear 'your' song reflected through 'my' song and
all songs that stand between us.'

(I thought, 'What a lot of nonsense.' But stayed anyway)

Then suddenly a lightening flash and a thunderclap, sight and sound
conjoined, a given glimpse received.

The little bird is not sight nor sound, he is sightsounded he is
allinonethingthatiseverything. He is 'before' me as in 'beforeme'. He is
simultaneous namewithinname. BIRDMEONE, sound and light now 'backtracked'
to 'undifferentiated' pure source, desire become intent.

Undivided manifestation.

But it cannot last, alas. It was just a glimpse.

Now, you may say to yourself that you are 'hitting you head against a
brick wall' here and now, that I desire to obsfucate, lead you up the
proverbial garden path, so in that way you bang your head against the
'pro/verbial' (archetypal) brick wall. (Not so uncommon between Zen
teacher and pupil - WHACK)

Well, let me continue this way then. Last night the BBC showed pictures of
a man of 25,000 BC, spitting with explosive breath pigment onto a wall. He
began that explosively actioned becoming/being 'sightsound' prior to the
moment seen explicated. He placed his reaching and creating hand to the
limit of his physical space, up on the cave wall's surface in the deep and
dark, and as he 'spat' the pigment out onto that wall to make his
'gesture' and 'spirit' conjoin he extended 'new reality' he also evoked
another realm of 'reality'. In the moment of that 'creative act' his
spirit desire as 'implicate' entered so to speak passing over the
'physical hand' as if through the explicate 'matter' of the cave wall into
the 'implicate' spirit world, just but seemingly forever beyond the tight
'skin' of the rock and that covering his hand's 'open' grasp.

His implicated insight was the 'capture' through 'perception' of a
possible space 'beyond', therein and thereof human creation of the 'means'
to speak of, to, with and through another 'world' The man like the bird of
Mozart is gone, the song and the images remain.

Seeing 'through' is powerful medicine. Love is powerful medicine. Birds
are powerful medicine. Intuition, spirit, 'implicates', all that thought
'wooly soft stuff' is in my lexicon the prefiguration of all we do, not
some afterthought. It is the 'hub of the wheeled universe'.

"As a man when in the embrace of his beloved wife knows nothing within or
without, so this person, when in the embrace of the intelligent Soul knows
nothing within or without" Upanishads.

Sure, it all leaves me just about feeling as stupid, lost, 'unable' as I
was at the start of the learning I am sharing right now, but for a while
it 'silences' my questioning, it makes me wonder as a child and I can
recover, recentre myself.

There is personal learning for me. Painters with even a little 'insight'
know that there are no lines in nature. Nature brings forth without
linearity. When I relieve (let slip) some 'things' I think I need, want or
have to 'hear' or 'see', and attending rather to the 'possibility of
space', all enclosing, encompassing, cradling, supporting, fashioning I
can discover what 'lies behind' I can penetrate through surface reality
and so seen with such a 'desiring' vision, it becomes enactive and
congruent in a deeper, richer more complex and connected world.

The cave man it seems received insight from the very rocks just as he
reached out to mark out and explicate it there and then. Things more as
they are. New forms reveal themselves in unending flow, vital process
becomes articulated, inner-lit (illuminated) and sounds convert to inner
heat, warmth or even cooling, expressed even if as only learning.
Expressiveness has endless degrees and the points on the compass of
experience can melt out of the domain of pointed measure and increment.

The 'finger' needs not point at the self-evident undivided whole.

Most human composition is made of many marks, imprints, and notes,
scratchings of one form or another.

For sure, a complete articulation of the desired idea is a mighty
challenge. The accomplishment of it would require that no mark were
displaced, each was 'giving' to the complete 'livingness' of the work as
whole and as such, receiving of the constituted whole. This would be
called in aesthetics, 'significant form'. Rare in man, common in nature!

The ancient caveman I reckon sought to 'transform' his shared human
'surface' experience of world 'through' (capture of/ perception) the 'song
of colour' in one tremendous moment of explosive creative insightfulness,
the very 'breath of life' spat his matter (earth pigment) upon more matter
and it was 'charged' to 'pass through' to discover and call up, out of
what may be for now 'beyond' him.


A proto Michael Farraday?

Space like life, both virtual and real is like a 'reaching' (desire)
toward some greater distance, however far/close that might be.

To see and experience the image in the 'dark' of the proverbial cave
requires taking your 'lamp' with you, just so the t.v must be switched on,
as the Internet must be engaged. What power or implicator then lies
beyond, inside, to enable explication of implicates? Inner light? Desire?

"All actions take place in time by the interweaving of the forces of
nature, but the man lost in selfish delusion thinks himself the actor. But
the man who knows the relation between the forces of nature and actions,
sees how some forces of nature work upon other forces of nature, and
becomes not their slave"

Spirit desires to know matter, matter desires to know spirit. Listen.
Can't you hear them singing in the void?

"In which is both."

Bohm spoke of a need for a 'finer faster form of vision'. Capra knows the
'primacy of vision' to science and art alike.

'That which is the finest essence - this whole world has that as its soul.
That is reality. That is Atman. That thou art.'

Which can we live without?

Best wishes and joy in learning,

Andrew Campbell.



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