Room for Waiting in the Coming and Going thus. LO24048

From: Winfried Dressler (
Date: 02/24/00

Replying to LO24016 --

>Strange that we do not see, until we see.

Looking at the finger pointing to the moon. Impossible to see the moon for
me. And seemingly the easiest for you seeing and pointing to the moon.
Impossible and easy like riding bicycles or walking on two feet. How can
something impossible be that easy? That's the miracle: that the impossible
is so easy. STRANGE. Try harder little bird. You KNOW that FEELING.
Nothing but a 'tumbled turning' is needed, just a tiny little metanoia.
How can something easy be that impossible? Still searching for fingers to
study, still trying to carry the world. Tacit love? The moons makes me see
the finger...

Liebe Gruesse,



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