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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 02/24/00

Replying to LO24040 --

Dear Andrew and all of us,

Subject line might also be named: "enjoy learning". It's name may be
called "unlistening harmony". And it is a sitting on a fence, the fence
between the surreal. This is not an e-mail, is it not? That might be why
it had no subject.

It also reminds me of the cartoon from BC (that is, the world before the B
in BBC became into B-ing See). It goes something like this :( "you should
look up everything you quote" ):

One cave man - might be a referee - shows another one a bird on his hand,
"Do you want to hear my talking bird?'
"Yep, why not", the other says, clearly annoyed.
"What do you think of my friend?"

So meaning means full fill many layers: sounds, <number of ordered
unconsious processes of which we cannot speak>,
meaning-in-some-mental-language (mentality?) derived from the actual state
of the body and mind including the stored past experiences, creating
consious meaning by using language lemma's, formation of utterings -
words, sentences - assembling, ordering and: meaning of the sounds on a
number of levels. Tsjeep, ts jeep, sheep, cheep, cheap. Spring is in the
air. Am i uttering these sounds?

Enjoyed your i-meal,

Jan Lelie wrote:

> Lao Tzu offers harmony when he says,
> ' He who knows does not speak,
> He who speaks does not know.'

Who, where, what is meant by Michael Faraday?

> A proto Michael Farraday?

> Spirit desires to know matter, matter desires to know spirit. Listen.
> Can't you hear them singing in the void?

No, i cannot. Whichout?

> "In which is both."

> 'That which is the finest essence - this whole world has that as its soul.
> That is reality. That is Atman. That thou art.'
> Which can we live without?

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