Objections to Learning Organization LO24118

From: Eric Hatch (hocinc@earthlink.net)
Date: 03/06/00

Replying to LO24098 --

Sandy Wells writes:

>I have come now to the belief that the process must be expedited through
>analysis of the real work situation (as in action research and action
>learning) because the metaphorical situations never really linked the
>emotional vesting that folks have in their work situations.

Sandy's on to something here. I've often observed that training
participants, even very bright, very skilled ones, have a hard time
bridging the gap between classroom simulation and workplace application
(and not just for team-building). I've also noticed that among some
teambuilding groups (and engineering groups seem top-heavy this way),
they'll have a wonderful time doing the simulation and still be VERY
reluctant to engage in a meaningful debrief.

I can think of a slew of different barriers to processing a learning
experience. Some may be environmental (including the skill of the
debriefer), some may be tied to the individual participant's character or
personality, and some may be cultural. It's my experience that tools or
techniques taught in the course of a real work problem stand a
consistently higher chance of being adopted and later adapted for use
elsewhere. People really do seem to need the grounding in "reality" to
reach out and take the new learning into themselves so it becomes their

How frustrating for all concerned!

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