Objections to Learning Organization LO24117

From: Winfried Deijmann (deijmann@dialoog.net)
Date: 03/06/00

replying to: Objections to Learning Organization LO24105
Jan lelie replied to At:
> At the moment of writing however, it was just fun of discovering how these
> two concepts - solution illusion - mixed, like oil and vinegar. For me, a
> solution, any solution, is an illusion AND illusions are the only
> solutions. They are the Mothers of Invention, the fathers of paparadoxes.
> Resolving and re-illusioning seems to me all there is to life. We are
> traders for salvations, while salving (sollving ;-)) our self is all there
> is. And your interpretation is even better than i could imagine:

Not totally without cynicism: The more real an illusion becomes, the
bigger becomes the desire for it.

Winfried Deijmann

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