Objections to Learning Organization LO24126

From: Fred Nickols (nickols@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 03/07/00

Replying to Steven Swan in LO24122 --

>In reply to the dialog below. In general context, can you please share
>with me what is meant by "...the trappings of a learning organization..."
>What are they?
> >Replying to Jan Lelie (and indirectly to Dennis Presser) in LO24080 --
> >Partial quote:
> >"I read Jan's remark differently and am inclined to agree with him. When
> >the fight's on, 'manage the problem.' ...There is no reason why an
> >action-oriented organization such as the military or police and fire
> >departments can't be a learning organization. But I don't think you will
> >see many of the trappings of a learning organization while they are
> >caught up in action.'
> >Fred Nickols

I had nothing particular in mind other than a generalized notion that
people in relatively stress-free situations seem to be concerned about
matters different from those on which they focus when under extreme stress
or in the presence of danger. For me, the main indicators are language
and patterns in behavior. Thus, I doubt that LO-related topics are center
stage in the midst of a fire fight, even if those same people otherwise
have an interest in LOs. I know first hand from my military days that a
lot of the energy that goes into behaving in accordance with norms tied to
rank and officer-enlisted differences drops by the wayside when a unit
moves into a combat situation. Whatever linguistic and behavioral
trappings might be associated with a particular organization in which
people are focusing on making it a LO (or think they have succeeded in
doing so), I was hazarding a guess that much of it would drop by the
wayside as and if people were caught up in stress-laden situations.
"Getting down to basics" is another way of putting it.

However, as I think on it, I realize that I really have no idea what the
trappings of an LO might be. So, I'll withdraw the remark as


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