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Date: 03/07/00

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At 09:44 AM 3/3/00 -0500, David Kramer wrote, in part:
>In short, we say, long term customer loyalty and relationships cannot be
>achieved through marketing strategy, collateral development and
>competitive sales efforts. Long term customer loyalty, instead, can best
>be achieved through genuine human interaction in small, dialogic

Hello David,

Could you expand on this?. My gut reaction is that if you engage in this
you will no longer be marketing, which is a manipulative process at its
heart. Can you offer a brief example? The idea intrigues me and runs
counter to my dominant impression of marketing and the people who
typically engage in it. In class (at the MBA level) by the end of the
first week I can identify most people in marketing and sales. This might
be a better example of finding what I seek - it also seems to be fairly
consistent. Anecdotally, sales and marketing students as a subset of all
students tend to show the least interest in the five disciplines and in
LOs in general (although I could cite a (very) few exceptions also).

As you can see, a pretty well entrenched mental model at work on my end.
I'd like to hear more.

Bill Braun

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