Objections to Learning Organization LO24139

From: Jan Lelie (janlelie@wxs.nl)
Date: 03/08/00

Replying to LO24117 --

Hello Winfried,

De Selby has been quoted to have said that all human life is an illusion,
including the hallucination of night, and that therefore a reasonable
being shouldn't be afraid of the ultimate illusion of death. This would
imply that longing for the illusion makes it real.

If you want to read more about De Selby, the philopher, physist,
philantropist and phantast - or the illusion of death - i can only
recommend Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman, published posthumously -
off course.

Kind regards

Jan Lelie

Winfried Deijmann wrote:

> Not totally without cynicism: The more real an illusion becomes, the
> bigger becomes the desire for it.


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