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From: David Kramer (
Date: 03/12/00

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Richard Seel wrote:

> Marketing need not be manipulative at its heart. One view is that the role
> of marketing is to try to find out what people want or need and then to
> deliver this to them.
> In this idealised sense marketing is a servant discipline, one which seeks
> to change the "We know what's best for you" approach of so many
> enterprises to a "please tell us what is best for you" approach.
> I was briefly in marketing and, yes - if you prick us, do we not bleed?
> (Of course, I am also aware of the other end of this spectrum but there is
> light here as well as darkness.)

Richard :

Very good point, in my opinion.

The difference between traditional, coercive marketing communications and
our collaborative model is the difference between learning what a customer
"wants to hear," and learning what a customer truly needs, prefers or

It is this "idealized" approach, in your words, that we are implementing
in practice.


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