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From: Keeley, Bill (
Date: 03/22/00

I thought the following might be of interest, because the tool embraces
many learning org concepts: the U.S. Department of Energy Carlsbad Area
Office (DOE/CAO) is now making a new training program self-assessment tool
(TrainSAT) available to businesses, government agencies, educational
institutions, non-profits, consultants, students, and citizens at no cost
to recipients.

The primary purpose of TrainSAT is to provide training groups with a
systematic method for self-identifying the strengths and weaknesses of
their training programs. This information can then be used to
systematically improve training efforts. The 103 TrainSAT assessment
criteria are based on standards developed by the DOE in support of its
training accreditation program. The developer of TrainSAT modified these
standards to make them more applicable to a broader band of training
groups. Areas covered in TrainSAT are:
+ Management Involvement
+ Training Program Infrastructure
+ Qualification and Development of Training Staff
+ Trainee Entry-Level Requirements
+ Determination of Program Content
+ Design and Development of Training Programs
+ Conduct of Training
+ Trainee Examinations and Evaluations
+ Training Program Evaluation

TrainSAT is a complete, turnkey package consisting of an administrator's
guide, survey form, and norming data. To obtain TrainSAT at no cost,
complete an online application at the website that we operate for DOE/CAO:

We will obtain necessary approvals and send to you a user ID and a
password, allowing you to download TrainSAT and any other requested
material directly from the web site.

Bill Keeley
Organizational Development & Research Manager
Westinghouse GSG/WID
Box 2078, GS-213
Carlsbad, NM 88221


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