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From: Roy Benford (
Date: 03/24/00

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>Good point, if a dysfunctional family runs a business God help those who
>work there. I am generally talking about public corporations.

You may be luck in New Zealand and not affected by some of the issues of
the UK. In the UK there is talk of the "glass ceiling" that prevents
women becoming controlling managers of public corporations. Recent
research has suggested that it is not just women who are affected by this
barrier but also men who wish to be involved with their family life as
well as are involved in work. This entry requirement to the controlling
club suggests a dysfunctional family might be a good metaphor in the UK

>Maybe you missed the point, it has to do with responses under certain
>systems or complexity that is sometimes beyond the control of individuals.
>What it also says that sometimes the system defines the behaviour. Maybe
>you should look at what the other systems theorists say about this very
>thing. Kauffman used light bulbs as examples. How one flip a switch (ie in
>the expriment) can send a sea of light bulbs into a different phase.

Are you suggesting that the individual's emotional response to their
environment is sometimes beyond their control? Perhaps, I should point
out that I view rational behaviour as a sub-set of emotional behaviour.

Roy Benford
Fulmer, UK


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