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From: Gavin Ritz (
Date: 03/28/00

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> You may be luck in New Zealand and not affected by some of the issues of
> the UK. In the UK there is talk of the "glass ceiling" that prevents
> women becoming controlling managers of public corporations. Recent
> research has suggested that it is not just women who are affected by this
> barrier but also men who wish to be involved with their family life as
> well as are involved in work. This entry requirement to the controlling
> club suggests a dysfunctional family might be a good metaphor in the UK

I think this dialogue is moving to values of a society and yes maybe in NZ
we have more women in corporations at management level, both our Prime
Minister and opposition leaders are both women. If that is the case in
the UK good luck, however I am not so sure, why don't you look at the work
done at Brunel Institute of social studies, there Elliot Jaques (The
Director of BIOSS) worked with Melanie Klein and concluded what I have
said about using therapies and the psychological approach.

> Are you suggesting that the individual's emotional response to their
> environment is sometimes beyond their control? Perhaps, I should point
> out that I view rational behaviour as a sub-set of emotional behaviour.

I think that we are looking at this from different points of view, I am
definitely not saying that an individual emotional response is beyond
their control quite the opposite. The individual is free to respond anyway
they choose but the environment responds too. (the systems double feedback
loop) But emotional response is the whole point, the system does not have
an emotional response but just a response. And when we humans respond with
emotion that is when the system responds back (see Mao's sparrow killing
spree-emotive response by people- natures response, infestation of worms
that eats all the rice crops.) There are thousands of these examples
called the tragedy of the commons.

I might also add that all emotional responses are derived from
motivational values i.e. fears on the one hand and desires, needs, wants
and longings on the other hand. Extremely easy to observe & measure. I
have measured hundreds of emotional response with the tools I have
developed. It is simple to get emotional responses out of the way. Human
behaviour is the simplest thing to assess and measure.

This is the whole point of the systems approach.



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