Looking for possible speakers LO24281

From: Lori Bell (lbell@darkstar.rsa.lib.il.us)
Date: 03/30/00

Hello. My name is Lori Bell and I work for a regional library system in
central Illinois. We have 300 member libraries of all types we provide a
variety of services to. One of these services is training on topics of
all kinds. Our members are very interested in the concept of the learning
organization, so I was very happy to learn of your list. I am looking for
potential speakers for a workshop (all day) on the learning organization.
We have a committee working on this as a potential topic for May 19, near
Peoria, Illinois all day. I would appreciate hearing any recommendations
for speakers, how to contact them, and their costs. Thanks very much. I
appreciate the availability of this list.

Lori Bell
Automation/Technology Department
Alliance Library System
845 Brenkman Drive
Pekin, IL 61554
phone: (309)353-4110
fax: (309)353-8281


Lori Bell <lbell@darkstar.rsa.lib.il.us>

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