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Date: 03/31/00

Dear At,

The writing of Bill Viola, the American artist was from a group show in
Chicago in, I think 1996. I will do some research into his other writings
if you think that would be interesting?

In the same catalogue is this from another great American artist, Barnett
Newman, " When I was a kid studying French, I studied with a man who used
to teach us by saying, Moi, je suis le sujet, I'm the subject; vous, vous
etes l'objet, you are the subject; et voici le verbe. And he'd give you a
slap on the face. The empty canvas then is a grammatical object- a
predicate. I am the subject who paints it. The process of painting is the
verb...the finished painting is the entire sentence, and that's what I am
involved in...I'm the subject, I'm also the verb as I paint, but I'm also
the object. I am the complete sentence." (1963)

Perhaps from this beautifully lucid statement some people can begin to see
how artists experience live(ness) and express it with an autonomy that is
both spare and rare?

You know ;-) I am studying oriental ideograms (calligraphic symbols) and
contemporary American epistemological philosophy at the moment ; and
conjoining this together with Winfried's understandings of corporate
strategy and the interval-spatiality of triumvirate donkey droppings is
bound to result in some fruitful postings soon. I may even enter myself
for the Turner Prize!

Best wishes,


[Host's Note: Wondering what is the "Turner Prize"? ..Rick]


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