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From: IVNS Raju (
Date: 04/12/00

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Dear all,

Gavin's talk over the instruments to know the profiles of people reminded
me of the Body Type Test that I came across in

I believe that it is inconclusive to know people only by their
psychologoical frames. Knowing something about their bodies make so much

I also believe that HR professionals need to know about the mind body
connections too to help people become effective.
On Sat, 08 Apr 2000 16:56:48 Gavin Ritz wrote:
>On this becoming issue I propose we are not becoming anything at all this
>is a pure figment of the human imagination hoping there is some reason for
>our existence in this chaotic looking universe.
>Maybe we are totally motivated by our needs, desires and fears, losses,
>hopes and this has nothing to do with becoming. How do we know that all
>religions, cultures are not outputs of human motivation? This is all
>spiritual guess work going nowhere this being and becoming.
>I have profiled hundreds and hundreds of people over the years using all
>sorts of measuring instruments. Even ones that I designed because some
>were so useless. Given feedback and asked people to challenge the profiles
>and results. Had many chats to colleagues who are forensic psychiatrists
>who have dealt with some of the worlds so-called worst criminals. Read
>widely on all the psychotherapeutic models, looked at spirituality. etc
>I now know that there is no such thing as personality, how do we measure
>the so called 2500 personality traits. We can't!!!!!
>I have not found one scrap of evidence from all this to suggest that we
>are becoming this is that.
>I also suggest that if this gives meaning to ones life then that is fine.
>Whatever we believe to be true is true for us. (see the other thread on
>human expression- Frankels mea


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