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From: Judy Tal (
Date: 04/15/00

Replying to LO24353 --

To Winfried,

Striking indeed!

You just MANIFESTed a remarkable SAY - you just DID it.

Thank you all,

At 02:23 PM 4/12/00 +0200, you wrote:
>"- rather DO - MANIFEST!"
>Dear Judy,
>let me drop in a little SAY as a mean to DO what this medium allows to do
>in order to MANIFEST some of the becoming here.
>Doing can manifest in constructive and destructive outcomes. One can build
>or bomb a house.
>I realize that in your do-manifest, you have captured already a lot of
>what is required to manifest constructively: The doing must be spontanous,
>full of life and fruitful. Yes, lets share such experiences. There are a
>lot of them in the posts to LO-list, especially At's contributions are
>rich of them. From time to time, he writes on those experiences which led
>to the discovery of what is needed as ingredients (qualifications) for
>such constructive outcomes.
>Two of them are named nominally 'liveness' and 'fruitfullness'. Compare
>the seminal names of these two 'essentialities' with your own discovery -
>liveness: becoming-being
>fruitfullness: connect-beget.
>Isn't it strking?


Judy Tal <>

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