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From: Winfried Dressler (
Date: 04/12/00

Replying to LO24310 --

"- rather DO - MANIFEST!"

Dear Judy,

let me drop in a little SAY as a mean to DO what this medium allows to do
in order to MANIFEST some of the becoming here.

Doing can manifest in constructive and destructive outcomes. One can build
or bomb a house.

I realize that in your do-manifest, you have captured already a lot of
what is required to manifest constructively: The doing must be spontanous,
full of life and fruitful. Yes, lets share such experiences. There are a
lot of them in the posts to LO-list, especially At's contributions are
rich of them. From time to time, he writes on those experiences which led
to the discovery of what is needed as ingredients (qualifications) for
such constructive outcomes.

Two of them are named nominally 'liveness' and 'fruitfullness'. Compare
the seminal names of these two 'essentialities' with your own discovery -
liveness: becoming-being
fruitfullness: connect-beget.

Isn't it strking?

Liebe Gruesse,



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