Wheatley Audio program online LO24370

From: rbacal@escape.ca
Date: 04/15/00

Thought this might be of interest, especially to list members here. I
stumbled upon a 3 hour streaming audio program based on Leadership and The
New Science. It's in 8 parts (so it's manageable), and apparently it's
free although you do have to register once you get there.

I can't include the direct url here because it's like 200 characters, but
you can access it at:


I haven't had a chance to listen to it myself but it should work.
You'll need either windows media player or real audio.

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[Host's Note: This Meg Wheatley program looks good, but I couldn't get it
to play. ..Rick]


Robert Bacal <rbacal@escape.ca>

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