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From: Jo McHale (
Date: 04/21/00

London and South-East Deming Network

Speakers: Kevin Main and Jane Gunn

A joint meeting with the Centre for Tomorrow's Company
and the UK Organisation Development Network

WHEN? Monday, 15 May 2000, 13.30 for 14.00
WHERE? Royal Mail Conference Centre, Phoenix Place, London WC1
(Nearest tube: Farringdon or Chancery Lane)

There is no charge for this meeting, but please let Steve Ashley know that
you intend to come by using the FAXBACK below.


Researchers with the Centre for Tomorrow's Company in a project funded by
the Department of Trade and Industry, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and others
are creating a process to help companies reach their own conclusions about
how they can best build sustainable supplier strategies. They have
discovered some governing principles, identified a handful of paradigms
essential for success and uncovered some of the key organisational
practices and competencies necessary for win-win relationships. They have
also identified management tools that help companies arrive at their own
answers to these questions.

Much of what is being discovered is not new. Bringing it together in a way
that encourages companies to engage with the issues - and to do so
consistently - most definitely is.

In the first half of this session, Kevin Main will introduce the research
outputs to date and invite delegates to suggest improvements, volunteer
additional considerations and put forward other tools that, from their
experience, work.


In the second half, Jane Gunn will speak on new approaches to co-operative
problem solving and conflict resolution. Adversarial methods of conflict
resolution are becoming increasingly inappropriate for organisations
attempting to achieve more co-operative ways of working. If the New
Economy is to be more than simply the same-old Old Economy in a new guise,
one of the prerequisites will be a more effective approach to inter- and
intra-organisational conflict resolution.


KEVIN MAIN is a researcher and consultant with the Centre for Tomorrow's
Company. He is a passionate advocate of inclusiveness, but warns against
thinking that it is just about 'including people'.

"Yes it is about building win-win relationships", he says, "but that
doesn't mean going out of your way to provide wins for everyone. The
context - the need to build relationships that contribute to the
fulfilment of a company's purpose in a manner which is consistent with
'the way we do business around here' - is all important".

JANE GUNN is both a lawyer and a commercial mediator and specialises in
advising organisations on how to reduce the costs (human and financial) of
disputes in connection with their internal and external relationships and

She took a leading role in the recent international Millennium Accord
Initiative, designed to reduce the impact of Y2K disputes for
organisations, in which capacity she was invited to speak at the United
Nations, the European Commission and the International Energy Agency. She
has also consulted to the London-based Centre for Dispute Resolution,
regarded as one of the leading bodies internationally in the field of
conflict resolution.

As a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts,
Manufactures & Commerce (RSA), Jane was a member of the Tomorrow's Company
Inquiry that led to the setting up of the Centre for Tomorrow's Company.


The Centre for Tomorrow's Company was founded in 1996 following results of
that inquiry recommended that business leaders adopt an `inclusive
approach', taking a longer-term view of the interests not only of
shareholders, but also of customers, employees, suppliers and the wider
community. The inclusive approach prompts a company to ask itself why it
exists, what it has to do to succeed, which relationships are crucial and
what it needs to measure in order to sustain success.


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I will be attending the London and South-East Deming Network meeting on
Monday, 15 May 2000.






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