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From: Igal Voronel (igal@online.no)
Date: 04/21/00

Dear Organlearners,

I have just been reading many of your e-mail discussions on-line.
I am writing a thesis on "Learning & IT in organizations, from a Social
Anthropological perspective".
I have done fieldwork in a few organizations, talked to many people and
have tried to read as many books as possible on the topic. (Not too many
books available, unfortunately).

I am still in search of opinions and/or reflections on the following

1)IT and Organizational Learning - everyone seems to be talking about it,
and most consultants seem to be making money elaborating on the connections
between these two areas.
However: Are they really connected? If so, how? In what ways?
Does IT automatically induce learning other things than IT usage?
Is knowledge management something that an IT system really can create and

2)How may IT in organizations be related to Finance?
Why is IT usually introduced in organizations as a "cost-reduction
mechanism", or a way "to enhance effectiveness" (or even "efficiency",
Does that in some way predetermine the organizational results that such IT
Why is the Learning always necessary when using IT usually neglected by IT
managers (since IT learning is expensive?)?
May IT be regarded as a "magic cure" by managers and a "magic budget
expansion resource" by IT managers?

I was hoping some of you may have some experience in the above areas and
may be interested in elaborating on such experiences. If some of you have
the wish and opportunity to elaborate on the above - I will be very happy
to read your reflections !

Thank you,
Igal Voronel
Student of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Best regards,

Igal Voronel
E-mail: igal@online.no


"Igal Voronel" <igal@online.no>

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