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From: Sajeela M ramsey (sajeelacore@juno.com)
Date: 04/22/00

Replying to LO24384 --

Dear Winfried,

I want to thank you for putting your thoughts on the table. I recently
joined this listserve and quite frankly my impression is that it is
clearly dominated by a few people with such long winded thoughts that it
is for me personally a real disconnect. Trying to have a meaningful group
dialogue on-line is difficult anyway (as if face to face insn't!), but I
find that some of the problems of face to face dialogue carry over to
on-line communication, and one of them is the hogging of air time.

I personally believe that no one person has thoughts that are so deep, so
noble, so enlightened or so brilliant that they deserve to take up massive
amounts of people's attention. For me this smacks of Ego GIganticus, and
seems to be not so much about sharing thoughts as it is about commanding
people's attention.

Those of you who must write endless long diatribes should perhaps just
write a book (or books) and just give the listserve a rest! In short, the
listserve may not be the right arena to pose such lengthy and one-sided

In fairness to those of us who also have meaningful and intelligent
contributions to make, it might be a good idea for you who dominate the
e-waves to take a break and see what happens. It could actually be a real
learning experience for you.



Sajeela M ramsey <sajeelacore@juno.com>

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