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From: Alternative Energy (ecospirit@mail.com)
Date: 04/22/00

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Thank you so much Winfried for expressing so nicely my own feelings and
concerns about this "learning-org" list. I did attempt twice to address
this issue by commenting on how abstract and mathematical I found a lot of
it (some people have different ways of learning, mine is through personal
stories and emotive or real life types of experiences) and how
intimidating it sometimes is on here, not to mention lengthy. Basically, I
am a 'skimmer' of text at best and some of the postings here are quite

I asked Rick if the listserv has the possibility of becoming more
interactive--include colours, pictures, links and document files storage,
live chat, etc, as can be found on egroups or Onelist--so that I can
continue learning from this listserv, as well as contributing to it. I'm
sure if people could make use of drawing tools, for example, much of the
writing could be reduced. I also enquired if all of us who choose to could
actively 'learn by doing' in helping such a new site/listserv become a
reality, as it may require finding the best listserv site (pre-made) and
also moving old digests to the 'new home', etc. I don't want to put the
onus on Rick.

Sometimes, there is stuff on here that is helpful to me, but for the most
part, I do find it a bit of a chore sorting through to find it. Some of
the stuff doesn't relate to me, and I'm sure other of the stuff is quite
brilliant, but I'm not quite "there" yet.

So, is LO like a learning org? Or is it just meant to be a forum to
exchange some thoughts and ideas and occasionally find some help. If many
of us are talking about deeper learning, or whole learning, then surely we
need to feel excited and multi-sensorily engaged by what goes on here?

In my honest opinion, it's pretty pedantic, highly intellectual, and
simply functional (eg, I find out some sources for a specific area of
interest; or I fulfill my need to air my thoughts on certain topics and
maybe get some responses), as opposed to inspired and alive. I mean, I'm
sure it is for some people.

In my view, a learning organization is not just about theories, sums and
components, dynamics and structures--it's about finding, "learning", and
remembering wholeness. There are so many ways in which this happens!! And
surely "organization" is not just in a business. As soon as you have more
than two people, it's an organization. How can we create space to include
all these disparate elements of both learning and organization on here?

Perhaps now I will get another benevolent and knowing pat on the head from
someone much more advanced than me on these topics. Well, good, I look
forward to to seeing what abstract references to pre-developed concepts
will come my way.

I believe, living and learning is often in the moment. How can we engage
in it anew, make sense of it here and now, in our daily lives?

Don't get me wrong. There are obviously some incredible people on here,
but what about regular folks like me? The learning I get from here may
somehow impact my life, as I continue on my explorations and aspiring
journey to wholenss. And perhaps, my learning here may indirectly be used
to help others to understand learning organizations or the goals and ideas
behind them.

I'm kind of cheating here on my message by making reference to some
"known" name, but Rudolph Steiner talked about teaching in a living way,
and to inspire students by embodying the learning.

Warmest regards,

Lana Choi


Alternative Energy <ecospirit@mail.com>

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