Learning IT or Learning Organizations ? LO24418

From: Igal Voronel (igal@online.no)
Date: 04/23/00

Hello everybody,

I am writing a thesis on "Learning & IT in organizations, from a Social
Anthropological perspective".

I have done fieldwork in a few organizations, talked to many people and
have tried to read as many books as possible on the topic. (Not too many
books available, unfortunately).

I wonder what your opinions on the following may be:

Organizational Learning involves many disciplines and many areas of work.
However, IT has been one of the areas that many researchers and
practitioners have pointed out as an important element in developing
learning organizations.

Is Organizational Learning and IT connected in any other ways than the fact
that IT demands learning from users?
In what way does IT in an organization affect learning?
Does IT automatically induce learning other things than IT usage?
Is knowledge management something that an IT system really can create and

Is it possible that IT is only an organizational "fad" that does not
necessarily have the impacts on organizational learning that it is often
assumed to have?

I hope some of you can help me in reflecting over the above issues.


Best regards,

Igal Voronel
Phone: (+47) 91 17 91 07
E-mail: igal@online.no


"Igal Voronel" <igal@online.no>

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